Fact and Truth: Expectations

What I have done ! I should not have told her. But how can I deceive myself? In life majority of times we speak lies to overself, its FACT. I hate to speak lies. To be myself I told her I just fell for you and I can’t be just friend.

She is tempting, always attracting, I have found light in her. Every action of her is beautiful, she seems flawless with blemishes.  All She need is a mentor, a sculpture for her inner realm.

She knows many things about love but didn’t get much love. She is crazy, insane, blunt, which has made her life miserable.

The fact is I really fell for her, I am getting used to her. Why she resides in my heart and in my mind, by knowing the fact that she is not in my fate?

My heart is saddened, beat is slowed, I can’t do this anymore.

ONE DAY, I asked her for LOVE and she said she don’t have enough courage inside her to get hurt again and again. I get shocked when she asked from me” What I want from her?”. All i want is to make her believe in love. I want to tell her the TRUTH about the soulful feelings i get when i am with her.

She is more than a friend.

With some conflicts and bargaining she become my half-girlfriend.  I insisted her to be, she said she too feel for me.

I have to figure it out the difference between FACT and TRUTH.
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